Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Fav Pen!!

For my gal Dana - this one's for you! ;)  
When I was at Spark in Christy Tomlinson's class a lady commented the Sharpie Retractable pen works just as well on canvas covered in Mod Podge as the Pilot Permaball(which is now discontinued).  I was surprised since I had tried a fine point Sharpie & it would not write on the canvas.  It seemed to dry out.
So I bought a 2pk & gave it a go......WOW!! To my surprise it works BEAUTIFULLY!!!  :) OHH!! This is going to be a new FAV! You can see on the canvas where I outlined the wings - that is the Sharpie Retractable. Just make sure it is the retractable pen.  The traditional do not work.  Need to work on this canvas more so pics to come soon.
~Seek Balance!


  1. Oh goodie!!! Thanks for passing along the recommendation...what an exciting find! Awesome :)

  2. And a post dedicated to me...I'm in love with that. Thank you, friend :)

  3. Thank you for the GREAT TIP...Oh was that a pun?