Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Collage Pauge! New Fav!

I used to be a Mod Podge only gal - matte finish please :)  But I had wanted to try a new decoupage that I'd seen at the craft store & I am SO glad I did!

CollagePauge by Traci Bautista - matte finish.  I think that it glides on so much more smoothly than Mod Podge.  Doesn't, in my opinion, seem to "glob" {yes, official crafting term :) } up near as much.  The dry time seems to be faster even without using a heat tool.  This may just be me but when I would use MP on a piece as a sealant so I could add color on top, sometimes it would smear that color - ugh! But with CollagePauge, I do not seem to have that issue.  I have layered about 3x on a piece I did this weekend and each layer was just as nice as the first one.

If you see it in your local craft store - JoAnns and Hobby Lobby carry it for certain - pick up a bottle and try it out for yourself.  Hobby Lobby has a larger size - I'd go with it since its a better investment and you will like it once you use it! ;)  Happy Crafting!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lee Jean "Find Your Fit" Style Party!!

In December I attended a Lee Jean party!! It was hosted by two knowledgeable Lee ladies :)  It was fun and interesting to hear from an "insider" on how jeans are made -- did you know that the "washed out/faded look" that is popular on jeans is done either by hand with sandpaper or machine using that tool or something of the like.  So no two pairs will be identical....Remember to check the stock to find that perfect "washed out" look for you :)  Plus, they offered lots of tips to the group when we are purchasing jeans! Tip: don't wash your jeans after each wearing :) {{well unless you need to-lol!}}

Lots of us were able to try jeans on that may be outside of our comfort zone! FUN! Plus, it was interesting to see how the same jean can look so differently on each lady.  Lee was so very kind to give each of us a pair of jeans along with a goody bag!! Just in time for Christmas :)
Its been about a month now since I have had my jeans & I am LOVIN' them! My sisters and ladies at work all said they are nice and look good on me! {{thats the best to hear!}} I have the Elena style jeans, which are super dark(my pair at least-love that), sit lower on the waist and if you're a curvy girl like me - NO bunching in the back where the top of your jean and booty meet! The BEST!

Lee jeans is really changing their image and they are not longer what you may think -- they have tons of gorgeous colors, styles, fits -- something for all women and body types! So check out Lee jeans if you are in the market for a new pair.  If you have a Kohls in your area, they stock the most - a tip ;)
Love My Lee Jeans! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My ArT Investment!

Hi all! I love learning from other artists and investing in my own ArT mojo :) I have been going back n forth on whether I should or should not sign up for this class.  I really REALLY liked what I saw and read from the artist, Lauri Cox, so after much deliberation {not really sure why??? lol} I signed up for my 1st online class with her! Joy Gypsy!! I am excited about seeing what all she has!!  What especially spoke to me about this class and her artwork, are the ladies she makes, use of quotes {I LOVE LOVE me some quotes!!] and just the authentic, genuine sense of inspiration she conveys!

If you get a chance check out her site and the Joy Gypsy class has a registration special of $25 that expires on Jan 25!!  The class itself starts on Feb 1st!!
Hope you invest in your ArT! You and IT are SO worth it!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shop my "own store" in 2013

Often I say to other crafter friends or to myself - I need to use the supplies/materials that I have.  Then I see a new line from Webster's Page or Graphic45 and that all goes out the window! LOL!!  But as I was thinking about the new year and what I want to do artistically, this phrase came back up.

So, in 2013, I am going to make an effort not to buy new paper, rub-ons, embellishments and things of the like. I need to go shopping in my "own store"!! Often, I am surprised by what I have because I have forgotten about it or because of my dis-organization skills :) I feel like I hit the jack pot.  And I am able to create some nice pieces.

Of course, glue, adhesives, canvas, paints - that will not fall into this category.  Lets see how successful I am this year! One month at a time!!
Happy Crafting everyone in 2013!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Flu Bug Got Me....

I have been out of commission this past week with the flu.  :(  The doctor said its good that I had the flu shot to help lessen the symptoms.  Boy, was the fever, muscle aches and the sinus pressure intense!  But I am thankful it was not worse and feel sorry for those who've had it harder hit them.  One piece of advice (and I know there are lots of thoughts/opinions on this) but for me personally - I will continue to get the flu shot as I have and if you have not - maybe think about getting it for this year, there is time still, or later this fall in 2013.

What I noticed while having the flu, I have not had any coffee in almost a week, virtually no caffeine - only 1 12 oz Coke Zero.  I have had LOTS of hot tea.  I have not had any meat protein in the same amount of time, except for yesterday, my darling BF brought me some pork roast he'd made.  I did have egg whites on Sunday morning, I believe it was.  I have been living off tomato soup and either bagel chips or sliced artisan  grain bread.  Virtually no sugar - only to add teaspoon to hot tea.   Once I could smell and taste again, I feel as though they have been cleansed and both are heightened to a level before the flu I had not experienced.  Oh, btw...I have lost about 5 lbs. (now that I am having more regular meals I hope I can manage that and not put it back on)

I have not craved caffeine.  Not craved sugar.  Not really had a desire for any type of food per say.  But my taste is so pure when I do eat.  My smell - everything seems to be enhanced 3 fold.  This all paused me to think for a moment how numb we are to what we consume and it affects us.  I hope to continue not to crave sweets/sugar - thats my downfall.  I want to see how much longer I can go without coffee/soda - or maybe a cup/can if I really feel I need it.  Continue to eat smart/healthy and incorporate more fruits/veggies.  The bread will not be a staple.  Start back to exercising regularly.

Hope to be back to blogging and ArTing soon - very soon - mojo is scratching!! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Soar on Your Own Wings

Here is a pic of another entry I made into my art journal.  The background I did a few days prior.  But the wing was made all with acrylic paints and my lil (or should I say index) finger!!! I LOVE how it turned out!!  I think I had been up on it - too close.  Kinda lost sight of my form or at least it felt that way.  Once I stepped back to take the pic I was able to really see the wing much more defined.   I think I will try to do a canvas of this one soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's Where It Took Me

So as my friend said, "that's ok, go with it" and I did.  This is where it took me when I allowed myself to just "float"/"be".  And I LOVE the quote more than anything! So empowering and something to remember and often as women.
"When a woman stands in the truth of her essence, she shifts and she lifts the world."
                                                                              -Tiffany Rose

I've wanted to make a heart with wings for some time now.  I did the purple last week and love how this all serendipitously came together -- and at the very right moment in time.  There is always something stronger than us working in the universe for us.  Just listen and go with it.

Feeling Melancholy....

Never do I put anything out here personal.  This was a conscious choice I made when I began this blog.  But today, I feel compelled to.  Feeling Melancholy....that has been how my afternoon is shaping up.  I went outside to soak up the warmth of the sun since its been so gloomy/overcast lately.  Took my Somerset Studio mag with me.  I was ten pages in and my focus was all over the place.  Well, point being there was no focus.  The sun started to hide behind some trees as mid-afternoon set in and the chilly breeze felt cooler sitting outside than before.
I have moved indoors, in my cave, put on some of my favorite, calming, meditative music - Native American Indian Flute music.  It really helps to ground me and draw out what I need to purge.  Right now its these dismal gloomy sad feelings in me.  When I am in the cave and picking up a paintbrush, pencil, or something to create with doesn't motivate me then I know I am in a "funk".
I hope by sharing, releasing these feelings/thoughts, it will start to generate a shift in my mood and before I know it I will feel inspired, feel my creative mojo starting to bubble, and it will all lift and be replaced with much lighter, happier feelings.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bookbinding - 1st Attempt!

I watched an awesome video on bookbinding by Effy Wild and made my first book.  I learned about folios, signatures, all sorts of stuff!! Even though I thought it was plenty of floss I discovered it was not, so I had ran out of floss but was able to McGyver it and finish adding the signatures.  I was not too happy with the way the spine turned out.  Today I added a finished look to the spine and I like it SO much more!! Now I am really happy!!
I used a combination of 140lb watercolor paper and 100lb Britsol paper - both by Strathmore.  I didnt have enough watercolor paper but I like the differences in the surface.  The covers and spine I used the backing of the paper pads- repurpose :)   They are a SUPER HEAVY duty cardboard and I really Love the weight and quality.  I think it will take all I like to add/layer onto my covers very nicely.
As it starts to come along I will post more pics.  Thanks for looking!
{{so far keeping my resolution to blog a lil more ;) }}

First Work of the Year - Done on Jan 1st!!

I completed a sketch I had done in 2012 on Jan 1st!!  I really like it and especially the background.  This was my first sketch with a woman wearing a head wrap.   She has a friend in the works as we speak ;)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Little Catch Up

I have to say I have this love/hate affair with blogging! HA! I will post then go for quite sometime without posting again.  But in 2013 I am going to resolve to stop that and be more regular.  I have resolved to that before but fell short of my commitment but not in 2013.
So to catch you up on on the last few weeks of 2012 here are some pics :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Happy New Year!!