Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday...LOVE my Sundays! Finally was able to get in the "creative cave" for a lil bit today! Its been too long! Working on a re-purposing project - cannot wait to finish & post some pics....unfortunately I didnt take any before :( But I will make it work! Happy Sunday!
~Seek Balance

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I saw Alisa Burke post on her blog what she did with fabric scraps. I don't use fabric but I thought I can do that with my paper scraps.  Then I decided to write some positive/motivating words on it. For my 1st collage type piece I think it turned out alright! :)  It ended up on the darker side than I expected but you just tend to go with the flow when you're in the creative process :)
You will have to go to her blog (click on the link above to see hers)   Seek Balance!!
Her is mine :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!! I saw this on a new fav blog I like to check out & I wanted to share it with you.  She makes the most darling girls! She just speaks to me.  Isn't she GREAT! I really hope that I can get some crafting done this weekend - I have been itching to get into my room.  I cleaned the house during the week so I can have more free time on wknd.  Seek Balance!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My seat is reserved for Oprah's Lifeclass. Plus, I get a chance to meet Oprah and the first million people to sign up can receive a free Oprah class journal! Reserve your spot!
Chance to be in Oprah's Lifeclass
Morning! Couldn't sleep so got up & started to look for some creative inspiration.  I stumbled across a neat giveaway of something I had never heard of before - bulking dummies! ??what are these you ask?? They are samples of books before they are actually made to get the feel/look of the book beforehand.  Well the kind folks at Craftside are giving a bunch away!! Go to their blog - here's the link - Bulking Dummies Giveaway .  My mind went into overdrive with all the cool journals & projects that can be made. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

You have to check out this WonDerFul giveaway from the ladies at The Gilded Girls Stash Society! It is  Super YuMMy!! Especially if you are in LuV with VinTaGe goodies {as I am}!!  They will be teaching this year at THE CREATIVE CONNECTION.  Leave a comment by going to this link! But hurry... as it will end soon.  Good Luck!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I worked on a new canvas the other night for a friend :) & I just LuV how it turned out!  I hope she enjoys it! I am having so much FUN making these canvases.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Nice Journal

I saw this posted on a friend's page & read it.  Interesting article & then I realized on Friday I had already put it to use - to change the thoughts in my head at that place. ;)  This got me thinking of trying an experiment.  Do or say something nice for one week and see at the end how I feel, my outlook, etc... So here goes my experiment.

Monday, 8/8 - Day 1: paid a compliment to someone.  This sparked that person to come over to me a little after & have a conversation.  While talking another person, whom for no particular reason we just do not have much interaction, came over & joined in.  For a brief moment but nonetheless.
Later in the day I was paid a compliment by someone who looked at my blog & told me how much they really liked one particular piece I did.  And told me "you are good, you are beyond crafty"  :)  I appreciated the compliment & even more so that they really looked at what I posted.  I told them how much I appreciated they are looking at my blog since sometimes you do not really know.
Overall, I cannot say I had the best day or the worst but these two moments did make a difference all things considered.

Happy Tuesday & Seek Balance!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I decided that I would start up a blog to catalog what projects I make, working on, classes I am taking, inspiration, etc....  Blogging is not my expertise and since I last had a personal blog (many years ago) it has evolved greatly.  Blinkies, badges, pins, pinterests -- this is a whole new lingo to me :) LOL  So I hope you can bear with me while I start to shake of the dust & try blogging again.

My intent is for only positive energy to live here.  And it to be eventually a source for inspiration for myself and others. Our lives get hectic, stressful, frustrating at times and this should be a place to come for peace, make you smile, and your soul to be safe.

So with that....let me get some pics together of a few things I have done and make some posts with a little about me and my creative soul and journey.

Seek Balance!