Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st Craft Show

I am getting a little nervous, anxious, but excited!! I am going to have a table at my first craft show this wknd!!  THere are SO many little things not to forget but I am trying to make a note of everything and get ready.  I do not have lots of expectations other than gain experience and to put my work out there more.  I am blessed to have my niece helping me out so spending quality time with her will be a nice bonus!! :) Well, off to more planning and getting ready!


  1. OH! Almost overlooked....the crafts show is at 1st Assembly of God 13435 West Ave SATX 78216 from 9a - 4pm!!

  2. Good luck! Your work speaks for itself and I'm sure it will fly off the table! :)

  3. Hey that is my church and I will be there around 2, I did it last year but have class on Saturday so I could not this year... Yay i'm excited. (My mother-n-law is Diane)

  4. Thanks arg!
    Hey Erica!! WOW! Small world!! I would love to meet you if you can stop by my booth, hercreativesoul, #39 table. I will have to keep an eye out for both of you! Exciting yes!! :)