Sunday, December 2, 2012

Been Away TOO Long!!

I could not believe that Oct 24th was the last time I had posted something! Ugh!! Time just goes so quickly especially this time of the year.  So what has been happening since Oct 24th??
Oct 27th - attended my first craft show -- never had attended one as a vendor so had little expectations, which was good in this case as the event had minimal to no traffic.  Too bad
Nov 17th - attended my 2nd craft show as a vendor -- slightly more success but only minimally.  I will think long and hard about attending any more.  I think more art/artist driven events will be more beneficial to me.  But met some other great artists/vendors so that was nice to come from it.
Then I got sick - the Sunday before Thanksgiving - today, December 2nd is first day I feel back to "normal" - ugh! That cold virus had a solid 2 wk hold on me.  All while trying to prepare and have Thanksgiving at my house.
Dec 2nd - FInally feeling BETTER! and more myself!! I realized today I have not made any art or worked on any in FAR TOO LONG! So that needs to change :) and fast!

I spent today going to a couple of my favorite blogs - Joanne Sharpe - she is having a FREE 5 Golden Lettering classes right now! today is only day 2 and they are all on her blog you can see them at your leisure.  Sure if FUN stuff & all in GOLDS!! Pretty!! :)

Then I hopped on over to a huge FAV of mine, Donna Downey, only to find her post about Golden mediums and Pan Pastels! Love my Pan Pastels! If you love them like I do then you need to check out this post on their blog - Acrylic Mediums.  Now I want to try the Micaceous Iron Oxide medium! 

Well, hope you have a happy Art/Craft Sunday! and find tons of inspiration along the way!

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