Saturday, February 9, 2013

THe Whole Shabang!!

In 2013 I want to make more of an effort, an investment into hercreativesoul and determining the direction for it and growth I want to see it soar to.
One goal is to post on my blog more, so far so good :)   The other is to help myself grow creatively, artistically - first art online class in 2013 - check! done!
One other way I can grow artistically and as a business woman is by trying to learn more this year.  That can take on different forms to accomplish it.

You know, all of this is scary to do, get started, then once started, OH MY GOSH?!?! what is supposed to be next?? You start to question yourself? Doubt yourself.  Your abilities.You find that not all women are there to lend a helping hand.  You learn lots about people, "friends", yourself, etc... But then you make some amazing connections.  Some truly generous people.  Have wonderful positive experiences.  I can go on and on.  Bottom line --- THIS IS NOT EASY!! Anyone who tells you it is or they never had those instances come up -- is NoT being truthful.  {{sorry, no time in my life for negative, disingenuous folks}}  Some folks are naturally more confident, savvy, etc... than others but they aren't that good! Any-whoooo.....lets get off that topic- ick!

To help further my growth, I have longed for this book/e-course that Kelly Rae Roberts has - Flying Lessons.  I have her first book, Taking Flight, and I absolutely LOVED it!! It was the first honest discussion I had seen/read & it encouraged me to listen to my whispers.  And BELIEVE!  When I saw Flying Lessons I thought this is wonderful!! Just what I need to help me. Its about how to help your creative business soar.  But it was a little out of my price range at the time.  I believe in timing, the universe has a hand in all this & at that time it just wasn't meant to happen.  This week I saw on FB she was having a 1 day sale on what you ask??? FLYING LESSONS!!  50% OFF!!!  I happened to come across it late on the one day!  So I clicked BUY!!
Happy Dance time!! :)

This weekend I have more "me" time than normal & I plan to devote a good portion of it to start going through this book.  It is over 200+pages!! A wealth of information, of sharing, etc....  I cannot wait to start on my investment into my business & into myself!!
Oh, the lessons are broken into parts 1-3 that can be purchased separately so that may be an option rather than all at once but -- I wanted to share with other creative women this is a great resource to making the investment in your business & yourself.  Good Luck crafty ladies & SOAR!!


  1. I've wanted to do this too but $$ is too much for me right now. How is it going? Worth it?

  2. I know what you mean Marci about the $$ thats why I put it off for so long. I do like it, I have to admit, I am no where near as far as long as I'd like to be. What I did realize, is I do not particularly care for books online. So, little by little I have started to print out the pages. I like to highlight (with a real highlighter) & make notes(with a real pencil) in the margins. :) I will keep you posted.