Monday, May 27, 2013

Sketches, Sketches + India Ink!!

I have been doing lots of whimsy girls lately and I am LOVIN them! But I have felt and urge to do something else.  Not necessarily different, just something else.  I bet lots of us artists/crafters experience that from time to time.  What really helped is I spent this morning cleaning up the cave (craft room) - I put down clean sheets of butcher's paper & could not wait to get in there!  I had felt it was getting a little too chaotic, even for me.  My mojo was bumping into too much "schtuff" and couldnt move organically.  It helped!! I did 4 sketches and 1 canvas - plus worked on some canvases for a few whimsy girls.
Here are a few pics of the sketches I have done today or a few days ago.  Thx for looking!!

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