Monday, August 26, 2013

Toying with...Pondering over...Ready to Commit!!

I have been thinking alot over the past several months about my online creative business.  How can I make it better?  What do I need to do to make the next thing happen?  Where do I put my work at?  What do I need to do to make it grow?  And countless, countless, other questions....

This past weekend I made to decision to make more of an investment - a commitment - to making this all happen.  Now the challenge..."just how do I make it all happen???"  What a daunting thought indeed.  So without further adieu I am going to start to step into the process one foot at a time.  It may not be in the right order, the right fashion, it may not be perfect.  But whatever have we done perfectly on the first try.

The most immediate change that will be visible is in the pricing of my product.  That has been a HUGE challenge for me.  I tend not to be the kind of person who lives in the world without structure, especially on this topic.  But for an artist, there is no black or white here.  It is even beyond gray! On Monday, Sept 2nd, all my pricing, if it needs to be, will be updated accordingly.  

Another immediate visible change is something I did a post about at the beginning of the year -- posting more regularly on my blog.  Boy, have I not done a great job in keeping that one.  But starting with September, I gave myself the goal to commit to blogging once a week for 2 months.  That is easy enough to manage, right?! :)

Behind the scenes, I have started to read again, Flying Lessons, by the wonderful Kelly Rae Roberts.  I have joined another artist group.  I am sharing/discussing more with other artists.   Making plans of action, goal setting, etc.... All in an effort to learn and share as much as I can to help us all along this journey.

I realize this was a lengthy post but thank you for reading through its entirety.  They wont all be this long ;)  So in about one week's time I will be off and running to making my vision, passion, dreams a reality.   Thank you!

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