Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Nice Journal

I saw this posted on a friend's page & read it.  Interesting article & then I realized on Friday I had already put it to use - to change the thoughts in my head at that place. ;)  This got me thinking of trying an experiment.  Do or say something nice for one week and see at the end how I feel, my outlook, etc... So here goes my experiment.

Monday, 8/8 - Day 1: paid a compliment to someone.  This sparked that person to come over to me a little after & have a conversation.  While talking another person, whom for no particular reason we just do not have much interaction, came over & joined in.  For a brief moment but nonetheless.
Later in the day I was paid a compliment by someone who looked at my blog & told me how much they really liked one particular piece I did.  And told me "you are good, you are beyond crafty"  :)  I appreciated the compliment & even more so that they really looked at what I posted.  I told them how much I appreciated they are looking at my blog since sometimes you do not really know.
Overall, I cannot say I had the best day or the worst but these two moments did make a difference all things considered.

Happy Tuesday & Seek Balance!

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