Sunday, August 7, 2011


I decided that I would start up a blog to catalog what projects I make, working on, classes I am taking, inspiration, etc....  Blogging is not my expertise and since I last had a personal blog (many years ago) it has evolved greatly.  Blinkies, badges, pins, pinterests -- this is a whole new lingo to me :) LOL  So I hope you can bear with me while I start to shake of the dust & try blogging again.

My intent is for only positive energy to live here.  And it to be eventually a source for inspiration for myself and others. Our lives get hectic, stressful, frustrating at times and this should be a place to come for peace, make you smile, and your soul to be safe.

So with that....let me get some pics together of a few things I have done and make some posts with a little about me and my creative soul and journey.

Seek Balance!

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