Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bookbinding - 1st Attempt!

I watched an awesome video on bookbinding by Effy Wild and made my first book.  I learned about folios, signatures, all sorts of stuff!! Even though I thought it was plenty of floss I discovered it was not, so I had ran out of floss but was able to McGyver it and finish adding the signatures.  I was not too happy with the way the spine turned out.  Today I added a finished look to the spine and I like it SO much more!! Now I am really happy!!
I used a combination of 140lb watercolor paper and 100lb Britsol paper - both by Strathmore.  I didnt have enough watercolor paper but I like the differences in the surface.  The covers and spine I used the backing of the paper pads- repurpose :)   They are a SUPER HEAVY duty cardboard and I really Love the weight and quality.  I think it will take all I like to add/layer onto my covers very nicely.
As it starts to come along I will post more pics.  Thanks for looking!
{{so far keeping my resolution to blog a lil more ;) }}

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