Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Collage Pauge! New Fav!

I used to be a Mod Podge only gal - matte finish please :)  But I had wanted to try a new decoupage that I'd seen at the craft store & I am SO glad I did!

CollagePauge by Traci Bautista - matte finish.  I think that it glides on so much more smoothly than Mod Podge.  Doesn't, in my opinion, seem to "glob" {yes, official crafting term :) } up near as much.  The dry time seems to be faster even without using a heat tool.  This may just be me but when I would use MP on a piece as a sealant so I could add color on top, sometimes it would smear that color - ugh! But with CollagePauge, I do not seem to have that issue.  I have layered about 3x on a piece I did this weekend and each layer was just as nice as the first one.

If you see it in your local craft store - JoAnns and Hobby Lobby carry it for certain - pick up a bottle and try it out for yourself.  Hobby Lobby has a larger size - I'd go with it since its a better investment and you will like it once you use it! ;)  Happy Crafting!

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