Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lee Jean "Find Your Fit" Style Party!!

In December I attended a Lee Jean party!! It was hosted by two knowledgeable Lee ladies :)  It was fun and interesting to hear from an "insider" on how jeans are made -- did you know that the "washed out/faded look" that is popular on jeans is done either by hand with sandpaper or machine using that tool or something of the like.  So no two pairs will be identical....Remember to check the stock to find that perfect "washed out" look for you :)  Plus, they offered lots of tips to the group when we are purchasing jeans! Tip: don't wash your jeans after each wearing :) {{well unless you need to-lol!}}

Lots of us were able to try jeans on that may be outside of our comfort zone! FUN! Plus, it was interesting to see how the same jean can look so differently on each lady.  Lee was so very kind to give each of us a pair of jeans along with a goody bag!! Just in time for Christmas :)
Its been about a month now since I have had my jeans & I am LOVIN' them! My sisters and ladies at work all said they are nice and look good on me! {{thats the best to hear!}} I have the Elena style jeans, which are super dark(my pair at least-love that), sit lower on the waist and if you're a curvy girl like me - NO bunching in the back where the top of your jean and booty meet! The BEST!

Lee jeans is really changing their image and they are not longer what you may think -- they have tons of gorgeous colors, styles, fits -- something for all women and body types! So check out Lee jeans if you are in the market for a new pair.  If you have a Kohls in your area, they stock the most - a tip ;)
Love My Lee Jeans! :)

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