Monday, January 14, 2013

Flu Bug Got Me....

I have been out of commission this past week with the flu.  :(  The doctor said its good that I had the flu shot to help lessen the symptoms.  Boy, was the fever, muscle aches and the sinus pressure intense!  But I am thankful it was not worse and feel sorry for those who've had it harder hit them.  One piece of advice (and I know there are lots of thoughts/opinions on this) but for me personally - I will continue to get the flu shot as I have and if you have not - maybe think about getting it for this year, there is time still, or later this fall in 2013.

What I noticed while having the flu, I have not had any coffee in almost a week, virtually no caffeine - only 1 12 oz Coke Zero.  I have had LOTS of hot tea.  I have not had any meat protein in the same amount of time, except for yesterday, my darling BF brought me some pork roast he'd made.  I did have egg whites on Sunday morning, I believe it was.  I have been living off tomato soup and either bagel chips or sliced artisan  grain bread.  Virtually no sugar - only to add teaspoon to hot tea.   Once I could smell and taste again, I feel as though they have been cleansed and both are heightened to a level before the flu I had not experienced.  Oh, btw...I have lost about 5 lbs. (now that I am having more regular meals I hope I can manage that and not put it back on)

I have not craved caffeine.  Not craved sugar.  Not really had a desire for any type of food per say.  But my taste is so pure when I do eat.  My smell - everything seems to be enhanced 3 fold.  This all paused me to think for a moment how numb we are to what we consume and it affects us.  I hope to continue not to crave sweets/sugar - thats my downfall.  I want to see how much longer I can go without coffee/soda - or maybe a cup/can if I really feel I need it.  Continue to eat smart/healthy and incorporate more fruits/veggies.  The bread will not be a staple.  Start back to exercising regularly.

Hope to be back to blogging and ArTing soon - very soon - mojo is scratching!! :)

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