Saturday, January 19, 2013

My ArT Investment!

Hi all! I love learning from other artists and investing in my own ArT mojo :) I have been going back n forth on whether I should or should not sign up for this class.  I really REALLY liked what I saw and read from the artist, Lauri Cox, so after much deliberation {not really sure why??? lol} I signed up for my 1st online class with her! Joy Gypsy!! I am excited about seeing what all she has!!  What especially spoke to me about this class and her artwork, are the ladies she makes, use of quotes {I LOVE LOVE me some quotes!!] and just the authentic, genuine sense of inspiration she conveys!

If you get a chance check out her site and the Joy Gypsy class has a registration special of $25 that expires on Jan 25!!  The class itself starts on Feb 1st!!
Hope you invest in your ArT! You and IT are SO worth it!!

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